A Flawed Model

The current model of medicine has nothing to do with preventing disease and even less to do with treating chronic disease. Doctors are rewarded for doing procedures and have no incentive to sit with their patients and listen to their stories.

Many disease processes are initiated by a disharmony or imbalance of something in our lives: nutrition, fitness, relationships, sleeping patterns, stress, etc. Usually we have the resilience to ward off illness, but when this fails disease or illness ensues. By the time patients seek help, they are usually so far removed from the initial insult they don’t even know what started the whole process. And for the doctor, because of time constraints, it is easier to make a diagnosis of the chief complaint and prescribe a pill to alleviate the symptoms rather than to address the true underlying problem.

My Approach

My integrative approach to medicine consists of giving ample time for my patients to share their lives with me because I believe the patient-doctor partnership is the essential element to the healing process and this can only be done in a setting that allows the patient to feel as though they are being heard.

By using what skills I have to help my patients, I will listen with my hands to remove physical restrictions within their bodies that may be causing pain and listen to their words to remove psychological restrictions that may be holding them from leading a life of optimum health and happiness.

If you are ready to share your story, I am ready to listen.